“I was exposed to the concept of Body Balance training at a golf outing and it made sense to me.  I figured it couldn’t hurt to improve my flexibility because the lack of it prevented me from swinging the club the way I used to as a younger version of me.  When I began working at BB, I was a weak 5 handicap with no consistency.  I never knew who was going to show up on the first tee.  Handicap was lowered to a 0, would have been faster had I been able to come more often.  Consistency/balance/flexibility/ and posture have improved over time, my game would not have improved without the training.  Since training at Body Balance I have been able to visualizing/seeing the flaws in my swing and learning exercises to develop and maintain movement patterns that produce a repeatable golf swing.  BB has made golf fun again!!”

-Jeff Manley

“Stephanie has worked with me to develop strength in my core, legs, and upper body as well as to improve my balance.  She has helped me understand and master the sequence of movements that flow together to form a solid, consistent, and effective swing. I now drive the ball a consistent 20 yards further.  I am hitting a club or so less to any given yardage.  Better, still, I’m reaching more greens.  I love having a birdie putt on a long par 5.  I really, really love getting there. My short game has always been the heart and soul of my golf game.  Now I have a drive and some fine fairway shots to go with it. A happy golfer is a golfer who is improving.  Getting better is wonderful.  Thanks Stephanie”

-Margi Murray

“When my local pro attempted to have me increase my hip rotation to regain lost distance, I wasn’t able to do it.  About the same time I saw an ad in the SCGA newsletter indicating that Body Balance was seeking volunteers for a study of golfer’ of flexibility, so I signed up.  After taking part in the study, I decided to go for a complete analysis and the full program.  I came in looking to regain lost distance and to reduce or hopefully eliminate the back pain I typically had following a round of golf. Initially, I saw some improvement, but it was sporadic.  Now I am definitely getting more distance and am becoming more consistent.  I also have less back pain, although I am not yet pain free.  I believe, however, that with continued exercise, stretching and practice I might even be able to play pain free.

I am clearly more focused on my posture and balance, particularly as I set-up for each shot.  I also attempt to do exercises and stretching before every round as I realize that I must continue to exercise and stretch to maintain the added flexibility I have regained. Problems have an insidious way of creeping into a person’s golf swing.  The analytical tools provided by Body Balance can help quickly identify their cause and show the player how correct things, hopefully before they become bad habits.”

R. Bruce Thompson

“What Pros are Saying”…coming soon


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